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Volume 1, Issue 1: June 2015

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The University of the Sacred Heart continues to be the Center for Training and Formation of Catechists in the Archdiocese of Gulu (Catechist Training Center). As the USH Project develops into the University, it is to provide an appropriate learning environment that is to be a centre for pastoral reflection, informational resource and reference, and effective training and formation of the Catechists. Through the USH, the Archdiocese of Gulu is making headway in planning and designig the formation programs to further enrich the training of the Catechists to meet the standards recommended in the "Guide for Catechists" from the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

Current Training and Formation Programs

 The USH continues with the formation programs that were in place prior to the establishment of the University project. These include:

1. Preliminary Course:2014 Class of Preliminary Course

This introduces the Aspirant to the basic pastoral ministry of the Catechist. They are identified, selected and sent by their Parish Priests to the formation Centre. Currently (June - July 2015) the USH has 47 Catechists in training for the Preliminary Course, including one from the Diocese of Malakal in South Sudan.

On July 18, the USH will celebrate the completion of the Preliminary Course for these and 34 other Aspirant Catechists who have completed a Pilot Outreach program of Preliminary Course conducted at Holy Rosary Parish. This will be combined with the celebration in Honor of the Sacred Heart and farewell to Sr. Marion Weinzapfel (CSJ), a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet (St. Louis Province, Missouri, USA) who has, (among other things),  been involved in supporting the training and ministry of catechists.


2. One year Course:

This course is conducted for Catechists who have completed the Preliminary Course and have had some pastoral experience in the ministry of the Catechist. Catechists are initially recommended for this course at the completion of their Preliminary Course and subsequently by their Parish Priests following their pastoral performance

3. Two - Year Course:

 This course is a little more advance than the one year course. Admission for this course is based on recommendations at completion of Preliminary Course, pastoral performance and personal capacity of the Catechist to undertake this training.



Catechist formation staff

Catechist formation staff pose for a photo after a curriculum development workshop facilitated by Dr. Geraldine Van Gyn emeritus Professor at Univiersity of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada