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Volume 1, Issue 1: June 2015

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Community Outreach is to be a mark of the USH with participation in the community and community service being a prominent feature of USH involvement. Through these outreach initiatives, persons associated with the USH will have to integrate in the education process the mobilization of the community to act in ways that better their lives, thus educating and learning from the community through working with them. This will also help the students especially to put their knowledge at the service of the community.

The following are some of the Outreach activities that the USH Project has been involved in:


Award Ceremony at close of Counseling training workshopUniversity of The Sacred Heart (USH) and the Archdiocese of Gulu in partnership with Walsh University, Ohio USA, have been conducting targeted basic counseling training programs for the past six years as an opportunity to promote the expansion of counseling services as Northern Uganda, recovers from the effects of years of war and conflicts. In this partnership, graduate students and faculty from Walsh University, USA come to Uganda every year to conduct counseling training programs to selected groups and professionals.

The May 2014 basic counseling training program targeted Primary School teachers from schools from Gulu and Amuru districts . The training provided participants with knowledge of theory and practical skills related to children's/pupils problem management and opportunity development. The teachers were helped to a better understanding of the importance of developing professional behaviour and effective interpersonal communication skills. Participants also examined the role of personal, social, and professional values, ethical codes of conduct, and the ethics of decision making. Participants were also helped to learn how to enhance effective communication. Attention was given to effective listening styles, giving and receiving feedback, elements of verbal and nonverbal communication, and the structuring of information and questioning techniques during an interview situation. Through role-playing, simulated interviews, presentations, group discussions and case analysis, opportunities were provided to explore, challenge, and evaluate a broad range of basic interviewing and problem management skills appropriate for helpers.

Participants at Counselling Supervision Workshop pose for a photoThe USH, in partnership with Walsh University also conducted a counseling supervision workshop for practicing counselors from selected institutions and organizations within the region. Participants were drawn from TASO, Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, VIVO, CARITAS Counseling Center and other individual counselors. The workshop gave opportunity the participants to cultivate skills in conflict counseling, reconciliation and facilitation. The training was participant cantered, and learning builds on the experiences and  skills of everyone in the room.


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The University of the Sacred Heart (USH) Project in partnership with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation ( Participants at Peace Leadership Trainingbased in Santa Barbara, California and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Clarondelet conducted the first Peace Leadership Training in Uganda from 24th-26th March 2014. The training drew participants comprising of individuals and representatives from Greater Upper Nile Peace Initiative (GUNPL) - South Sudan, John Paul II Justice and Peace Center-Kampala, Justice and Peace commission (JPC) - Archdiocese of Gulu, Domestic Violence Project - Gulu, PACTA Recovery Connection - Gulu, Pastoral Coordinators Office Gulu Archdiocese,  Volunteers from St. Mauritz Health Center, Journalists from Uganda Broadcasting co-operation, Diocesan Catechist desk Liaisonís Officer , and USH staff. The Peace Leadership training took place at St. Monica Girls Tailoring School in Gulu and was facilitated by Cpt (rtd). Paul K. Chappell, the Peace Leadership Director at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. This has been a unique, groundbreaking training program that gives educators, community leaders, students, activists, and people from all backgrounds the skills they need to actively and effectively work for and promote peace every day. It presents clear and compelling insights into human nature and the myths that perpetuate war and conflict. It also offers renewed hope for world peace as well as the challenge to work for its realization as well as practical solutions.

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As part of our community outreach efforts, University of the Sacred Heart conducted a basic computer training program from Monday 5th -30th January 2015 to help participants learn and / or improve their knowledge and skills in basic computer applications. The training drew participants from primary schools, secondary schools students on vacation, and civil servants.

The purpose of this training was to help participants become familiar with basic computer skills, including hardware, software and common applications. In particular, the program was intended to provide the understanding of general computer concepts to students and other members of the community; to build human capacity in the area of information communication technology; to provide a foundation for further studies in computers and other related subjects at higher levels. The Programs / modules offered included introduction to computers, keyboard typing skills, Microsoft word processing, Microsoft excel data spreading, power point presentation and Internet email use.

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