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Volume 1, Issue 1: June 2015

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By Joseph Muruye

The Uhuru Institute is a social enterprise established out of a need to champion the restoration of solidarity, prosperity and opportunity for all Ugandan citizens, this they hope to achieve through the application of business acumen in various social settings within the communities. Uganda is a country endowed with a vast array of natural resources and the world’s youngest population, however it still faces several challenge of unemployment, underutilization, misappropriation of resources and a mindset that has negatively hampered developmental progress for most of the citizens in Uganda Today. One of the ways that the organization aims to curb these issue is through the trainings and application of business acumen in order to encourage development. The University of the Sacred Heart was identified as the ideal facility to hold several activities organized by the Uhuru Institute because of its secure and tranquil environment that boasts facilities that can adequately accommodate or cater for large numbers of individuals at any given time.   Some Participants at Lango - Acholi summit

The Uhuru Institute held a Peace Dialogue between the Acholi and the Lango cultural and religious leaders that took place on the 17th,18th and 19th March. 2015. This meeting was the finale to 2 previous peace dialogues that were held in Lira between the Acholi and Lango leaders. It brought together Cultural, Religious and political leaders from Acholi and Lango to address issues that had strained relationships between the two tribes so as to bring about reconciliation, forgive past mistakes and forge a new peaceful and prosperous future together. A second peace and reconciliation dialogue between the cultural and religious leaders from the respective tribes also took place on the 1st & 2nd. May. 2015, the University of the Sacred Heart was able to accommodate the over 150 participants that attended the peace dialogues on both occasions.

The second activity was the Youth Leadership and opportunities camp that gathered over 100 youth from all regions of the country to receive training on leadership and entrepreneurship, this camps was held in Gulu at the University of the Sacred heart from the 30th March to 1st April. The youth received leadership and cooperatives training from The Uhuru Institute as well as financial training from Enterprise Uganda, their 3 day camp was highlighted with good accommodation, camp fires and a conducive environment to host a large number of young people. The closing of the youth camp was crowned with a visit by his Grace Archbishop John Baptist Odama as the master of ceremony.


Participants of the youth leadership and opportunity camp take a group photo with Archbishop John Baptist Odama at the University of the Sacred Heart, where their 3 day youth camp was held.









The University of the Sacred Heart was identified as an ideal establishment to host the various participants that would be partaking in activities organized by the Uhuru Institute because of the various facilities that would it had which would ensure a conducive and satisfactory experience.  The University provided safe accommodation, tranquil environment and ample security for all the participants of both the cultural dialogues and the youth camp. The Staff team was tremendously professional in handling the various needs of the participants which left all individuals with a positive impression of the establishment and reason for the Uhuru Institute to continuously work with them whenever an activity is organized in Gulu.


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